Factory Sales Manager (Exports)

Tasks: The Factory Sales Manager (Exports) is responsible for driving growth of the Warminster produced products through the Local sales units. The role will have direct control of its local / global Technical Sales Support (TSS) representatives to ensure the factory meets or exceeds its export orders budget, gross margins for instrumentation and level products for the power, chemical, water and refining industries markets. This role requires someone who can support, co-ordinate and work in close association with industry managers and local regional sales managers in the domestic market to align and execute domestic sales strategies to meet or exceed domestic orders. This role will also coordinate and align PMU Sales activities with the overall BU & PG Sales strategy and priorities. Typical duties/responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following: o Meet/exceed PMU, Product Line Sales Budget and Margin commitments for Exports. o Coordinate; drive and align export sales strategies with the local HUB and LBU/LSUs Sales Manager in the regions for instrumentation and level Measurement Products. Set OCS sales targets with LSUs to meet or exceed the overall PMU, PL budget. Work with key LSUs to develop and implement LSU/LBU/Country Sales Plan for the PMU that is aligned with the Product Line, PG and BU's overall strategic plan and market plans for the prioritized industries and markets and is adequately captured in Salesforce.com. o Develop and execute an annual growth plan for unit volume sales and gross margins to be approved by senior level management and then work directly with the LBUs to execute to target every year. o Responsible for securing with LSUs Large export projects containing PMU scope through Capture team approach. Additionally, provide coordination for local LSU(s) for special product/pricing requirements, large project pursuits, and key customer agreements with counterparts from the global PG/PMU network. o Co-ordinate with PMU Inside-Sales/Proposals Team to support Local Sales Unit's needs relative to PMU quotation, technical and delivery support needs. Ensure that this support is timely and of sufficiently high quality to enable the LSU's to successfully deploy PMU product and solutions into target market(s). Ensure alignment of this process with various compliance parameters, such as the formal Table of Authority, etc. o Co-ordinate and align with domestic Industry manager and the Local/Global Product Management team to ensure short, medium and long term objectives and implementation of product portfolio strategies. Ensure close co-ordination with regional sales managers; industry manager and global/local product managers to develop; plan and execute growth for domestic make products. o Manage and implement a structured internal transfer pricing model and associated discounting policy in order to drive increased order volume, manage the mix of the order growth and to realize gross margin growth. Work with LSU's to recommend and implement market prices and price bands, as well as internal transfer sales prices in line with the Product Line strategy for each Local Sales Unit and the BU Strategic Pricing models. o Conduct monthly meetings with regional HUB/LBU/LSUs managers to understand local market conditions, collect and pursue sales prospects and create strategies for winning orders. o Collect; Monitor and Report PMU MIS report to management on sales metrics, opportunities, threats and contingency plans. Prepare monthly/Qtrly. orders forecast. Monitor and report PMU Sales KPI's and Service/Product Line sales, order margin, and performance by Local Sales Unit as per OCS targets. o Ensure that accurate and complete information is being captured within the Customer Complaint Resolution Process (CCRP) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) to continually improve upon overall customer satisfaction. o Prepare monthly reports that include sales prospect tracking by LBU and progress to budget plan with contingencies as necessary. o Assist the LSU's in developing local, tactical sales and marketing strategies for exports in order to increase market penetration in core industries. o Work with the global sales organization to prepare and monitor annual sales budgets for exports. o Work directly with HR Business Partner and the global Local Business Units (LBU) to hire and train new Technical Sales Support (TSS) representatives. Build and organize the TSS team into a highly effective team that consistently performs and continually improves in achieving customer satisfaction and generating sales leads. o Prepare full cost models to evaluate sales discount requests against operating margin requirements. o Consolidate market demand from the Local Sales Units as key input for operations planning - short, medium and long term. o Domestic (10%) and global travel of about 40 to 50 percent of the time. Requirements: BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: o Bachelor's in Business or Engineering and a minimum of 8 years of Manufacturing or Instrumentation sales experience o Candidates must already have a work authorization that allows them to work for ABB in the United States. Alternatively, this position may be hired at a senior level o Bachelor's in Business or Engineering and a minimum of 12 years of Manufacturing or Instrumentation sales experience OR o Master's Degree in Business or Engineering and a minimum of 10 years of Manufacturing or Instrumentation sales experience OR PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: o MBA is preferred. o Must have proven experience with specific accomplishments in growing exports sales through the implementation of regional team oriented strategy. o Must have proven experience with specific accomplishments in developing and implementing selling strategies with clear performance metrics and effectively reporting the results to senior level management. o Must have the ability to quickly understand our markets - Exports and domestic, Products; Customers and competitors. Ability to understand; adopt to ABB's tools and processes. o Must have the ability to become an indispensable member of the HUB/LBU and customer's team and be their trusted advisor. o Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are required. Point. o Exceptional proven presentation skills; o Computer savvy and proficient with MS Excel, Word and Power Publication ID:US66880884_E1
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

Don't Be Fooled

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